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AUSMV Announcement | 5/04/2024

We are excited to share the new future for AUSMV, and our evolution into AUSEV.

We are excited to now begin our next decade of success at AUSEV, and will now be exclusively supplying electric vehicles and charging solutions.

We are proud to say over a 10-year period, we have sold and serviced thousands of vehicles to the Australian market. This tremendous success has placed our business in a strong position to grow and help accelerate market adoption of electric vehicles in Australia, through AUSEV.

What does this mean for existing AUSMV Customers?

There will be no change for our existing customers, as we will continue to warrant and service via our AUSMV and partner service network.

AUSMV’s commitment to exceptional service will remain unchanged. The staff and network are as enthusiastic as ever to continue to maintain the AUSMV brand and reputation.

Why the change?

We wanted to continue pioneering Australian manufacturing and provide Australian’s greater access to electric vehicles that better suits the Australia way of life. AUSEV has the capabilities to be Australia’s newest and best vertically integrated supplier of specialist electric vehicles and charging solutions.

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Enter the Ford F-150 Lightning.

AUSEV is happy to announce our first electric vehicle, which will revolutionize the Australian commercial, fleet, and retail automotive industry.

  • AUSEV will be selling the ONLY RHD 4×4 EV Ute in the world. The Ford F-150 continues to reign as the top-selling vehicle in the USA, and offers Australians a true electric 4×4 Ute. This option enables both businesses and individuals to make the transition to an electric Ute without compromising on performance, daily requirements, or recreational needs.
  • Supporting the Resource Sector: AUSEV is thrilled to be driving change in the resource sector, by providing much needed 4×4 electric Utes to the largest mining companies in the nation, which are enabling them to move towards their net-zero emission targets and adopt best global sustainable transport solutions.
  • AMQ Partnership: This was made possible through 2 years of focused development, and an over $5 million investment by Advanced Manufacturing Queensland, our sister company. This innovation has laid the groundwork for future specialist electric vehicles to come via AUSEV.

Thank you for your support,
and we look forward to continuing our work at AUSMV.