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Before your vehicle leaves our shop, here are the must-have essentials:

Ceramic Paint Protection Package 

  • Full vehicle Multi-stage Paint correction
  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic protection applied on external surfaces including wheel faces

Interior Protection Package

  • Full Leather/Vinyl surfaces protection including seats, doors, console and dash
  • Spill & UV resistant

3-Stage Chemical Rust Proofing 

  • Clear penetrating moisture repelling varnish like coat
  • Heavy duty bituminous based thixotropic corrosion preventative coating (AS2662, Part 1)
  • Topside cavity wax layer designed for internal members (door cavity, sills and pillars)

Full Vehicle Window Tint

  • Front Windows
  • Rear Windows
  • Rear Screen
  • Eliminates 99% UV Rays
  • Legal Tint
  • Non Metallized (No signal interference)
  • Reduces Heat
  • Reduces Glare

To give AUSMV customers the best experience, we recommend SCD Performance for all vehicle accessories and upgrades.

The SCD Performance team work closely with production to save customers time by fitting accessories prior to handover.

It’s all about customer service.

Call: 07 3924 6542